The Handbook containing the current rules of the Association is posted out to the provided contacts. Below are the General Rules and the Rules for the various competitions.

A copy of which should have been received by your club. 


1. The Annual Subscription shall be set at the Annual General Meeting for the ensuing year and is currently £30. This is payable by 14th January each year.

2. The fee includes four handbooks to each club.

3. Ordinary meetings of the Council shall be held on the third Monday in each month.

4. Subject to the consent of Council, any persons may attend meetings, but only elected members and delegates may take part in business. Notice of any change in delegate for a club must be given to the Hon Secretary prior to the meeting.

5. Voting shall be by a show of hands, but any member can demand a recount when tellers will be appointed by the chairman of the meeting.

6. Changes to general and competition rules will be made at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting called after at least 10 days notice of the proposed change has been circulated. Approval of new rules by simple majority of all those voting.

7. The Council shall have the power to fine, suspend, expel or set any other reasonable punishment on or any such combination of punishments on any member, competitor or club who infringes any rule of the Association or whose conduct shall, in the opinion of two thirds of those present and voting be deemed unacceptable to those council members. At least seven days notice shall be given by the secretary, to the person[s] or the club[s] being summoned before the council and such notice shall contain the statement [redacted if deemed necessary by the council] of complaint[s] brought against the person[s] or club[s]. The decision of the council in such matters is final. The council may set up a tribunal council of a minimum of three persons to deal with such matters if it so wishes.

8. Where a club, officer or delegate provides an e-mail address, it shall be acceptable for communication to be made (although not exclusively) by e-mail rather than post.

9. Any matter not provided for in these rules shall be dealt with at any meeting of the Council with a two thirds majority necessary for approval.


1. All competitions are open to any club affiliated to the Association. All competitions are under the sole control of the Association

1.1 No club may take part in any competition gala or water polo match if they have not paid their affiliation and competition fees for that year

2. A swimmer may represent ONLY ONE CLUB throughout a competition.

3. Official entry forms sent out by the Hon Secretary for Swimming and Water Polo competitions must be returned, duly completed by 14th January or, for swimming leagues the date of the January fixtures meeting. Late entries will not be accepted. Clubs having entered a competition will be liable for the entrance fee or fees if the draw has been made.

4. Each club must provide a venue and time at which they intend to fulfil fixtures.

5. Any club failing to fulfil a league fixture or final in any discipline shall be fined £25 plus any reasonable costs incurred by the home club or the Association, unless the reason for the non-fulfilment is regarded as unavoidable and justified as determined by the Council. Fines must be paid within 21 days of the meeting failing which, the club will take no further part in the competition.

6. No club shall be allowed to alter the dates of its galas without the consent of the Association. This may be given by the Organiser of the League, on behalf of the Association. The alteration should be not less than eight days prior to the fixture and be agreed by all the competing clubs.

7. Any protest against the eligibility of a competitor must be lodged with the Hon Secretary. Any club found guilty of including an ineligible competitor shall forfeit the events (in swimming contests) and the match (in water polo contests) in which such a competitor has taken part with the points being awarded to the opposing team, in the case, water polo the game recorded as 5-0 to the non offending team and in addition be fined an amount up to and include but not exceed £25 for each offence.

8. Cases arising out of breaches of the Rules of the Association or in connection with the fixtures, will be dealt with at the next meeting of the Council, given that seven days notice can be given, otherwise they will be dealt with at the following meeting in the presence or absence of those concerned. Penalties arising must be paid within 21 days of the meeting failing which, the club will take no further part in the competition. No exceptions from this rule to be allowed unless, after 7 days notice of exception to all delegates, a three fourths majority of those present and voting support the application.

9. At the beginning of each gala/match each club shall provide the referee/starter with the names of the competitors taking part on behalf of the club along with any other information required by the competition rules. These will be forwarded to the Organiser of the competition for his records.

10. The home team will pay referees expenses as defined by ASA law.

11. A list of persons qualified to act as officials shall be adopted at the Annual General Meeting, but additions may be made at any general meeting all officials for Association events will be on the NWASA regional list of qualified officials.

12. In the event of a club withdrawing or being suspended from a competition during the season, their record of points shall be expunged from the league table.

13. A Supreme Championship Trophy will be awarded in each discipline, Swimming and Water Polo, each year to the club gaining most points in all Association competitions. The points to be awarded for the top six positions in each competition, as 6,5,4,3,2,1.

14. Trophies for all competitions shall be held by the winning club/clubs/swimmer until requested to be returned and shall always remain the property of the association.

15. Any matter or thing not provided for in these rules shall be dealt with by the Council where practicable under the rules of the ASA.

Association Age Groups

1. The competition shall be held annually and be open to swimmers who are members of affiliated clubs, provided that they come within the defined Age Groups laid down.

2. 2 Competitors shall be allowed to enter all individual events in their own age group. Competitors shall NOT be allowed to compete in any other age group in any one year.

3. The age of swimmers is age on the last day of competition, which shall be advised by the promoter.

4. Age groups of competitors shall be: age10 and under**, age 11, age 12, age 13, age 14, age 15, age 16 years and over.

** There may be dispensation in the promotion conditions for swimmers aged 10 years on the last date of the Inter Association Galas to swim in the Age Groups, BUT no swimmer under the age of 10 on the end date specified in the gala conditions to be allowed to compete.

5. Events 50m all four individual strokes

100m all four individual strokes plus individual medley

200m all four individual strokes plus individual medley

400m freestyle and individual medley only

All events open to both males and females at all ages.

All events will be heat declared winners, no finals.

6. Competitors aged 10 to 14 on the specified date shall be eligible for nomination by the Bolton and Manchester Districts for the Inter Association Competition, if they have not swim in another Local Association's Age Group Competition in that year and subject to the rules relating to eligibility to the Inter Association Competitions.

7. All finalists in individual events, provided they are not disqualified, shall receive awards. The Joint Arrangements Committee will suggest the awards and the Council will be asked to ratify the decision.

8. All entries shall be made on the official entry form provided and accompanied by the entry fee, to reach the Entries Secretary not later than the date in December specified on the entry form each year.

9. Entry fee per event will be suggested by the Joint Arrangements Committee and authorised by the Council at the July Council Meeting

10. Individual Age Group Trophies shall be awarded annually to the clubs gaining most points in each Age Group. The Tillotson Trophy shall be awarded annually to the club gaining most points in all Age Groups. The trophies shall be held by the winning clubs until requested to be returned and shall always remain the property of the Association.

11. All events are eligible for points which shall be awarded as follows:

1st 6 points

2nd 5 points

3rd 4 points

4th 3 points

5th 2 points

6th 1 point

12. The competitions shall be under the sole control of the Bolton and Manchester Associations who shall publish full details of the competitions and galas. The Age Group Conditions in rules 4, 5 and 6 may be altered, added to or deleted at the discretion of the Council, in the light of any alterations at District and /or National level. Any such additions, alterations or deletions will take effect immediately. In the case of additional events, awards will be given.

13. Competing clubs are restricted to having a maximum of three officials, including one lady chaperone, on the poolside at each gala.

14. Each club having swimmers competing in an Age Group Gala is to provide one person to carry out any duty required of them by the Organising Committee. Duties for such persons to be arranged prior to the galas.

15. Any dispute or question arising that the foregoing rules do not provide for, shall be determined by the Council.

Association Championships - No Longer Held