Results of Water Polo competitions. 

Any queries about the results in the first instance should be addressed to the Water Polo Organiser. 


Water Polo Competitions

1. Entry fee £15 for EACH competition per club. Closing date for entries 14th January in year of competition.

2. Water Polo competitions will be held provided that the Council consider there are sufficient entries. These competitions to be, Senior, Youth, Junior, Under 14 and Under 12s League and Senior, Youth(U16), Junior, Under 14 and Under 12s knock out.

3. The Water Polo competitions will be conducted annually between 1st February and 31st October. An extension to the competition period may be granted at the discretion of the Council or such person(s) as the Council shall authorize to make the decision, but approval shall only be given in exceptional circumstances. In general authorization will not normally be given retrospectively.

4. The Water Polo Secretary shall be given the authority to set the date of any matches in a league or KO competition should the teams not be able to mutually agree on a date for the match, subject to the home club having offered the visiting club at least two dates. If a fixture cannot be agreed between the two clubs and the Water Polo Secretary, than the Water Polo Secretary shall have the authority to award the match and the points to the none offending club and the score will be recorded 5 – nil to the teams accordingly. If a team concedes the fixture, the match points will be awarded to the non conceding team and the score will be recorded as 5- nil accordingly

5. All matches shall be conducted in accordance with the FINA rules of water polo except where varied by the Competition conditions. In league competitions, two points shall be awarded for a win and one point for a draw. If two teams have equal points, precedence shall be given to the point results between the teams. If the results are equal then the highest away goals, lowest away goal difference between the teams in that order will decide the order. If the teams are still equal the total league away goals shall decide the result order.

6. The Bolton and District Council, or such person(s) as the Council shall authorise to make the decision, shall fix the dates, start times and venues of the final of any knock out competition or the matches within a knock out competition as appropriate. Finals of water polo competitions shall be held at the home venue of a club competing in a Water Polo competition within the B & D S & WPA . A club may offer to host one or more of the finals. If no such club[s] offers to host the final[s], then the finals of Water Polo competitions shall be held within a 20 mile radius of Bolton Town Hall. If there are two clubs offering to host a specific final, then the decision of location will be decided by monetary bidding, with the highest bidder winning.

7. Each club shall pay its own travelling expenses to all matches, including the final of a KO competition. Each club shall be responsible for the cost of staging the home match in each league and KO competition. The cost of staging the final of a KO championship shall be borne by the club hosting the final. If the away team cancels a game at late notice and the home team incurs costs, then the matter shall be referred to the Committee for consideration of the offending team covering the said costs.

8. For all matches played as part of a league programme each team shall play each other team twice, once at home and once away. For all KO Competitions each team shall play each other team once.

8.1 All games played at senior and junior level should whenever possible have two referees officiating.

8.2 All referees appointed by a club to officiate at Junior and Senior games should not, except in an emergency, have:

Membership, past membership or a family member as a club member of the home competing teams. Unless agreed by both teams prior to the date of the fixture, preferably on the date of the fixture being arranged and noted on the team sheet. Not be a person who attends a competing club except when carrying out duties of an official nature such as refereeing or officiating in some way. Unless agreed by both teams prior to the fixture, preferably on the date of the fixture being arranged and noted on the team sheet.

8.3 The home club must supply a copy of the Water Polo rules as laid out by Bolton & District Water Polo Association to the referee.

9. Fully completed team sheets must be sent to the water polo organiser by the home team within 7 days of midnight of the day of the game. Electronic copies are acceptable. ALL team sheets MUST be dated or they will be treated as invalid.

If competent WP secretaries do not officiate at the game, then:

• A sheet with all the team names on must be returned with the best attempt of a correct sheet.

• This sheet must also contain the date of the game and whether it is a league or KO fixture.

• The opposing captain must sign it.

Away teams are still obliged to contact the WP organiser with score details.

If neither team informs the organiser within the required time of the result of a match then the game is void in the league stage, or the next available team will be put through to the next stage in the Knock Out stages including directly to the final if appropriate. A report will be made available to the next committee meeting for confirmation or reversal of this decision.

10. For a club with more than one team in League or Cup Competition the following conditions shall apply

1. Each team entered shall be identified individually.

2. A list of players shall be registered to play exclusively for each team entered

3. Any player registered for a particular team shall not be allowed to play in a second or subsequent team in the same competition in the same year.

11. Each player can only play for one team in any competition in any one year. All players must be nationally registered with the club they represent in accordance with ASA Law.

12. All teams to submit a full list of players they intend to play in the league and knock out [if different] which will include ASA registration numbers prior to the start of the competition. If a new player joins the club at any stage, then the organiser must be informed of the required details at least 7 days before that player can represent the club. Rule 10, condition player in the competition will be fined £10 and the tie awarded to their opponents.

13. Players in Youth Water Polo competition shall be 16 and under at midnight on 31st December in year of competition. Under 14 Competition: Players shall be Under 14 at midnight on 31st December in year of competition. Any club playing an over-age player will be fined £10 and the match awarded to their opponents.

14. Under 12 water polo.

Players should be 12yrs or under on the last day of the year of competition. All team members must be a member of the ASA. There shall be 10 players per team. There will be 6 players per team in the water at any one time, one of which shall be a goalkeeper wearing a distinctive cap [red]. The pitch and goals will be of reduced size and the home team will use the same size pitch and goals for all their home fixtures. The ball used shall be size 3. There will be four (4) quarters of 5 minutes actual playing time. The rules of senior Water Polo shall apply AND WILL BE STRICTLY ADHERED TO by the referee, teams and Officials. Home referees may be used but a neutral referee is recommended.

15. Any club wishing to affiliate to the B and D to play water polo from outside the defined geographical area of the Association will only have their application considered if ALL the clubs currently affiliated to play water polo agree to the application.

15.1 Clubs affiliating from outside the defined geographical area of the Association will only be eligible to play in the Senior Competitions unless the Council agrees otherwise.


Senior League; Senior Knock Out; Junior League; Junior Knock Out; Mini Polo League; Mini Polo Knock Out;

Officials of Competing Clubs are requested to give every consideration to appointed referees, particularly in the expeditious completion of their programme, so the referee can make his journey home at a reasonable hour.

Referees unable to fulfil any of their appointments are kindly requested to inform the Hon Water Polo Organiser, Mrs P Broadbent, 1 Salisbury Drive, Dukinfield, SK16 5DF.

Tel: 0161 338 5378 at least 7 days prior to the fixture.